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Story of Two Tree's

A Pastor of a large but struggling Church.

 one Day in Desperation took the Time to seek the must high God in Prayer.
as he had used all his knowledge & tools Subscribed to by the doctrines of his religion.
attended conferences.  but still had problems.
in outward appearance His Church looked Ok. the building had good maintenance.
the people worshiped with uplifting music, had regular Bible & Prayer meetimgs. but still people struggle
with life's problems.  seemly always needing help from there Pastor.

So the Pastor in Desperation took time off from his busy exhausting routine. even leaveing his Wife & Family.
To seek a solitary place. determined to hear form the must high God .
To ask - what Do you see as the problem with your people ?   what can I do?
But with no answer
 as time rolled on. one day became two days . with water runing out. with No food for he had not eaten
in two days. 
But with no answer
 at the very hour of thinking of giveing up on This divine Seeking !.  to return back to his Family.
in this quiet solitary place.  The answer-   The most high God gave him a vishin.
in the vishin he sees three people. " a man a child and a woman."  this is my people !. the spirit told him.
and as he looked on Shocked.   all three are starving and in poverty.
the man in the vishin is partly blind. the child is just skin & bone and the woman a scruffy mess.
Feed my people !  for thay do not know me !

how can this be So ?  we worship and Pray in your Name.

In your minds you know about Me.  but in your hearts you do not know Me.  
Feed my people !

this had been Revelation for the Pastor.
in all the busy work of the Church the people only know about the truth. as the knowledge of
human reasoning.
saying lord lord we are rich in jusus. .... but in the spirit thay are in poverty.
feeling a touch of the spirit but never more.   thinking this is good as it gets.
Praying but not getting an answer.      thinking this is good as it gets.

the Tree knowledge of Good & Evil is the curse of Adam.  the knowledge of human reasoning.
human reasoning alone is a trap. we think we can work towards the divine spirit.
 in the pride of seeking more & more knowledge.
by the works of Religion.  if we Know about it.  So we think we have it.
The Bible "words of God" is telling us to seek the Tree of LIFE.
As the Tree of Life is Now available by way of Jesus Christ. and IT'S FREE
But you Do need to Claim it by seeking the face of the divine spirit in Prayer. 
Its Free BUT you still need to lay Claim to the truth by seeking divine communications
To Pray is to seek . this is not Easy to do in a busy world.   to Pray is hard going if you seek a answer.
satanic Spirits or demons will speak as cosmic suggestions to give-up on Praying.
most people do not have the time to seek divine communications with the Most High God.
thay only say or utter a word or two befor giveing-up & going back to there busy life.
Religion is Easy for most people. Religion is just a one-stop shop or weekly spiritual car-wash.
Do as you like for 6 days then Go get a wash. than repeat.
if demons can keep you from seeking divine communications. then without God's Help
you are made helpless & powerless. BUT..  speak the words of God  it is written....
and demons must leave.  claim the truth. & use the truth.   its yours to have.

Jesus Christ payed for it with his life. so now its FREE to all people.  Not just Pastors or clergyman.
its not what people think of you that matters. but what God see's in your heart that matters to him.
( your spirit )

I do note know the name of the Pastor or the Church
but for years the story seemd like nonsense to me.
untill one day I did as He did. now I know the truth.
this is not to say Im a Pastor or clergyman but just
that I know God will speak to people if they seek him with all there heart.

the truth of God is nonsense to human reasoning.
The Bible "words of God" are a stumbling block to human reasoning .
we think so we deceive own selfs in the pride of seeking more & more knowledge.
but the truth will set us Free.



Old & New Testaments
Full Christian Bible


webpage views According to and based on the Christian Gospels .

Jesus said of his purpose, “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”

Jesus placed a special emphasis on God as one's heavenly father 

Jesus taught that one should rely on prayer and expect prayer to be effective. 
Seeking that is ( speaking and Listening. )  to communicate .
  Not speaking in endless mindless repetiton.  but to
seek a quiet solitary place. and turn off your Cell Phone.

be Childlike –
Jesus was remarkable in stating that one must become like a child to enter the Kingdom of God
rejecting the traditional Jewish interpretations of the Pharisees & Sadducees

Disciples  Twelve Apostles   four are described as fishermen and another as a tax collector
non are from the religious scholars of the day or the Pharisees or Sadducees

the Christian Bible  read it form cover to cover  memorize it. learn by heart the Gospels .
IF you can read a book like harry potter form cover to cover and thats only Fiction.
Even if you do not understand the Bible at the time.  effective prayer will open the Truth to you.

church and the institutions of religion can help.
BUT thay can NOT do your spiritual Quest for You . 
religion can not save you,  only the Truth can.   IF you seek it..

the Most High God can give abundant life free of shame.
and ultimately provide eternal life in his Kingdom.
this offer is to ALL people of ALL religions  and even to people of no religion at all.
this Truth is beyond human knowledge and reasoning. 
this Truth is free and it starts with Jesus Christ. 


NOTE.   I am Not better or more Christian or more holy or more knowing then you are.
I am just a human   I Sin like we all have.
all I did is seek   thats all     A gift is divine wisdom   its not ME its from HIM.
so this is written as a webpage Not for me but for all who seek in Faith.

this is NOT a new religion.

Do NOT be fooled or deceived.
there is but one way in to the Kingdom of the most high God.  his name is Jesus Christ.
religion can not guarantee you the Truth.

Judaism: rejects the idea of Jesus Christ being of God.  so are still in search of the Messiah.
one day a false Messiah will deceive Israel.  for they rejected the Truth .  another will deceive.
as it is written. another you will accept.  so it will come to pass just as Jesus warned Israel at the time.

Islam: claims that Jesus was born to Mary and a Messenger of God sent to guide the Children of Israel
seen as a prophet of the jews.  but he is more then a prophet.  he is the Son of the most high God.
as it is written by the prophets of the Bible.



In the Scriptures   the Bible.

After meeting Jesus, Andrew runs to tell Peter that he has found the Messiah (Jn 1:41)
In a conversation with Jesus, a Samaritan woman says she knows the Messiah is coming. Jesus replies,
 "I who speak to you am he." (Jn 4:25-26)

When Jesus asks his disciples who they think he is, Peter answers,
"You are the Christ." (Mt 16:16; Mk 8:29; Lk 9:20)

During the Triumphal Entry, the crowds shout, "Hosanna to the Son of David!"
and the Gospel author explains that this fulfilled the prophecy of Zechariah 9:9. (Mt 21:4-9)

When Jesus stands trial before the Sanhedrin (the Jewish high court), the high priest asks him if he is
 " the Christ, the Son of the Blessed One?" and Jesus replies, "I am." (Mk 14:61-62)

In the Book of Acts .

Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they [the apostles]
never stopped teaching
and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Christ." (Ac 5:52)

"As his custom was, Paul went into the synagogue,
and one three Sabbath days he reasoned with them from the Scriptures,
explaining and proving that the Christ had to suffer and rise from the dead.
'This Jesus I am proclaiming to you is the Christ,' he said." (Ac 17:2-3)

Before King Herod Agrippa II, Paul insists,
 "I am saying nothing beyond what the prophets and Moses said would happen -
that the Christ would suffer and, as the first to rise from the dead,
 would proclaim light to his own people and to the Gentiles." (Ac 26:22-23)

therefor Jesus Christ is all that the Scriptures say he is


Universe of religion is full of human reasoning.  human knowledge.   the traditions of men.
Of the teachings of men.  sum teachings are in open rebellion to the most high God.
scriptures speak of the Truth. but not all people know it. or choose to follow it.
the religions of the World are humanitys hope to find God and a solution to Sin

But   The Truth.   The Way. !   is the most high God 's  answer .   his name is Jesus Christ.
the most high God will give divine wisdom to them that Love him and embrace the Truth.
this divine wisdom is beyond human understanding and is foolishness to them that reject the Truth.

in there own power of human reasoning they say "We are wise" but they are deceived.
the words are pulled apart in search of hidden knowledge. but there hearts are of stone.
the problems of sum religions are that people do Not Love the Truth. or seek it with all there hearts.
they live by Fear not Faith.

And so it is written *    "by the fruit of a Tree you will Know it "

No church institution or religion can own or copyright the Truth.
No one can claim exclusive rights to Jesus Christ.
church fellowship is good but only if it helps you grow.
good Christian fellowship will help you grow in spiritual Truth.
fellowship is other people who seek the Truth . Not the building.
you do not need a building to have a Christian fellowship but it may help keep people
out of the weather.

the house of prayer is NOT a celebratory TV show. or a Memorial to the dead.
spiritual worship to the most high God is NOT Just religious entertainment.
the house of prayer is NOT a supermarket for the sale of religious Kitsch or Art.

A religious Art gallery or religious Circus. is NOT good fellowship.
spending money attending conferences  buying religions icons or costly self help books.
buying useless religious kitsch.  religious membership will not save you.
seeking and runing after religious celebratory figurs. clergyman . hopeing they will pray for you.
or adoring men (preachers) as if there God. 

help them if celled to do so.
Yes even pray for them but do Not adore or worship Preachers, Pastors, the Pope, & Bishops.
thay are men NOT God.  To do so is to be religious. or deceived in to spiritual poverty.

"by the fruit of a Tree you will Know it "

You can pray or seek the Truth without the need for the clergy or preacher to hold your hand.
the celebratory clergy,  the new age Pharisees.  its show time!. its the religious Circus.
yes fellowship is good but only if it helps you grow in spiritual Truth.
To be Dependent on institutions of religion can be a like liveing in spiritual poverty.
spending money you can NOT buy your way in to the Kingdom of God.
Or buy or work your way out of the shame of Sin.

IF you know about the Truth.   But are prevented from seeking it on your own.
made Dependent on there mother institution like a spiritual baby,  Not the Truth of Jesus Christ.
the Spirit of Jesus Christ is Not Only in church buildings.  he is everywhere people seek him.
No one can claim exclusive rights to the Spirit of Jesus Christ. 

Do NOT be fooled or deceived. 
 as humans we are all under curse of Adam.   the curse of Sin
human knowledge, philosophies of religion. can Not save you or free you from the shame of Sin
only the Truth of Jesus Christ can do that. 


Just Remember we are spirit on the inside.   But your body is mortal.  

Death will find you one day.
Just Remember one day You will end as Death. so Remember there is Life after Life.
the spirit lives forever.   so seek life in this life so you will have a good life in the next life.

hell is a bad place to stay forever.    just Remember forever is a long time.

I Hope we all end up in the same place.  a good happy place. the Kingdom



the Most High God.  has NO   Phone number , web address or facebook page.  

 as he is spiritual


how to Seek

To Pray is to seek divine communications with the Most High God.  ITS FREE.
there is no shame   there is only peace  if you do not know something ? just ask

this is NOT easy.   just keep knocking at the Door !  it WILL open.  a day or a week.
     use your own words. and remember to Listen .  read his word cover to cover
     without skipping parts.  you can always go back and read 2nd time.



you can know the Truth Now if you seek it..   he is everywhere you are.

You CAN KNOW Spirit of Jesus Christ  today.  just ask.

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